Williams Murray Hamm tore up the rulebook on FMCG design – and then re-wrote it in their own image. The result has been globally famous design work, numerous design effectiveness awards, and an new found industry-wide appreciation that ‘me-too’ brand management didn’t have to be tolerated.

However, in times of economic uncertainty and increasing commercial caution, businesses often prefer to play it safe and such a single-minded approach doesn’t always fit their plans. During our partnership (2010 – 2013) this was precisely the case which meant, for WMH, finding new ways to navigate the commercial landscape while remaining true to the guiding principles of the business. Driven by our unequivocal alignment with their core values, WRADAR was asked to help.

01. Focus

WMH built it’s reputation on being agents of change, renowned for bold, unexpected brand design that delivers extraordinary results. Behind this success are two key elements: the leadership team’s uncompromising vision for design thinking, and brave client partners who dare to think differently. However, a disruptive approach can sometimes be daunting, even regarded as risky. Our challenge therefore was to find the prospects that remained both relevant and willing. Those not just weathering the storm, but out there flying a kite.

Together, we defined two key objectives: identify and connect with those directly aligned to this powerful proposition, and ensure it’s true potential would never be compromised by external conditions.

02. Align

We knew there were plenty of visionary businesses out there, it was just finding them; targeting had to be more strategic. In response, we developed a ‘forensic’ research process, considering individuals and organisations based on mindset, recruitment patterns and investment activities, sidestepping generic criteria such as job title. Find the alignment and you find the client. Who was spending and behaving in a way that was innovative? Who was disrupting the market?

Next, we refined and crafted new business messaging, honing WMH’s authentic character into positioning that at a sales level at least, resisted being overly challenging. It was vital that these communications not only showed who they were, but why: candid and tenacious, because they believed passionately in helping clients achieve more.

03. Grow

Through our immersive approach we became a true extension of WMH’s senior arm, integrating seamlessly to become their go-to business development team. This process included participating in high-level planning sessions and meetings with directors on a weekly basis, and at group level.

Using the structures and thinking we’d put in place, we were able to generate a consistent volume of high-profile new business opportunities across FMCG and retail, acknowledged as ‘fundamentally different and better’. We also helped WMH retain a culture of focus and thought around new business acquisition. One that gave a more carefully calibrated approach, and the platform to speak to the prospects they really wanted to, in ways that would continue to work.

Our client said...

They don't work like an external business, they work like an extension of us, they understand us completely. People are motivated by the work that comes through the door because it’s a different and better kind of work than before. Richard Williams - Founder, Chairman & Director (Jan 1996 - Jun 2016)