The brainchild of events industry visionary David Watt, Pubs on Wheels is the ultimate mobile bar solution. Their beautifully-converted army trucks can be taken anywhere, offering a fully-functioning, premium drinking environment, regardless of weather or terrain.

Armed with immeasurable passion for his project, “Watty” looked to respond to the company’s corporate owner’s directives and deliver to strict commercial objectives. Despite their iconic, standout offer however, Pubs on Wheels’ full commercial potential was restricted by a lack of coordinated sales strategy, tools and processes. In response, a super-smart sales solution was required, amplifying the brand’s inherent spark of playfulness, but steadying it with rigour and focus.

01. Focus

In a market where the term “mobile bar” conjures up images of drinks being served from retro converted vans, it was clear that Pubs On Wheels’ offer was genuinely different, providing something not only unique but truly innovative: a potential industry powerhouse, able to deliver on a vast commercial scale. We therefore identified key, untapped prospect segments and crafted an evolved style of commercial message better able to engage them.

Working with the owners and directors, our strategy was underpinned by the collective effort to fundamentally shift the company’s sales culture from an events-focused mindset – often reliant on “black book” private parties and one-off events – allowing the business to compete at a higher value, corporate level with capacity for forecastable, long-range planning.

02. Align

The agreed objective was to develop opportunities for long-term, fully branded partnerships under formalised, retainer-based pricing models. Capitalising on the success of the company’s partnership with Jack Wills – an existing customer operating under such an agreement – we therefore crafted an improved company proposition, referring directly to the high level of operational support and powerful brand equity that a Pubs on Wheels collaboration delivers.

We also identified the need for a stronger asset library to communicate USP’s in clearer ways, so, refreshed sales documentation and presentation techniques, which included the art direction and wider management of photo shoots.

03. Grow

Having put a marketing framework and CRM into place from which to develop new leads and opportunities, we effectively shifted the focus to create a combined, high-volume sales engine that reported consistently.

This direction and management allowed us to ​present Pubs On Wheels as they deserved to be; as a high-end, experiential vehicle capable of delivering maximum brand engagement and commercial return for its customers. The retainer model got the market talking, with the company becoming a sought-after commodity for big players in diverse sectors, from global breweries and international festivals to top-level sporting events and luxury fashion brands.

Our client said...

Our sales performance and brand reach had to be accelerated immensely to satisfy both our own ambition and investor interests. To achieve this, WRADAR positioned us at the highest possible level, creating a culture of organisation and effectiveness around sales activity that not only saw us engage the right profile of prospects but, quite unexpectedly, encouraged us to re-evaluate the commercial model itself, maximising return. David Watt - Founder (May 2014 - Present)