Marks is no ordinary agency. Using “design adaptation” to scale business they streamline the traditionally fragmented problem of world-wide design localisation at a single stroke. Mind-bendingly efficient, this provides brand consistency at every channel, through every medium, in every territory. It’s a revolutionary design agency model created for a globalised world and a sniper shot at the design world status quo.

Our brief was twofold: develop and integrate Marks’ sales processes in line with new parent company requirements, and augment and clarify their core message. Our goal was to position Marks as the most effective solution for delivering strategic creative platforms globally at speed and cost, without ever compromising on creativity.

01. Focus

Design Adaptation was a new-to-market offer. Furthermore, having been acquired by sgsco and now becoming part of a global group of agencies across various disciplines, there were multiple factors to consider in relation to sales planning. Primarily, we needed to identify the organisations that had an inherent focus on marketing efficiency, or were seeking to develop a more joined-up creative and procurement culture.

Our strategy was to develop two core campaigns: Design to Shape Business and Design to Scale Business, targeting two specific prospect types independently. The first, smaller businesses positioned for international expansion but requiring intelligent, simple design frameworks to aid that growth. The second, some of the world’s largest consumer brands, working to shifting, global procurement directives.

02. Align

As well as supporting Marks’ new 40-strong Birmingham team, we had to compliment their Belfast and London offices, each of which had varying core skill sets and priorities. This was achieved through on-site planning workshops. Through this, powerful visual assets that communicated Design Adaptation clearly and effectively to an uninitiated audience were created.

Having refined the core message, we then implemented the tools and processes required to activate sales campaigns, establishing a formal infrastructure for data management, email marketing, content distribution and opportunity management. Finally, reporting processes were deployed to ensure that new projects would be developed, communicated and allocated effectively across the teams.

03. Grow

Leveraging a combination of existing client stories and thought-leadership, we delivered both national and global, multi-channel outreach programs. These were underpinned by the creation of key content pieces that performed as ‘lead magnets’ to drive engagement.

Raising awareness of both the Design Adaptation concept and Marks’ broader capabilities and experience, this process produced high-level connections globally across retail, FMCG and technology sectors. As well as growing the company’s global position and new business pipeline, our partnership assisted Marks in redefining its internal sales culture, facilitating the incorporation of a wide range of thinking, tools and processes to drive growth and ongoing sales management, and adapt to future parent-company directives.

Our client said...

WRADAR transformed our mindset around new business, and revealed what was really required to go to an established market with such a disruptive offer. More structured and better informed, they helped us deliver a tailored streamlined and intelligent approach that quickly enabled us to prove the model. Tracy Ball - Location Director (Aug 2016 - Apr 2018)