Manchester-based, full-service communications agency The Foundry has been building brands of all sizes for over two decades. Despite their ongoing success, they know that the industry is fragmenting, which requires an agile and open-minded approach to how the agency positions itself and manages new business.

Their team recognised that away from the top-tier creative space, regional marketing agencies faced enormous pressure from market saturation. They know that with so many ‘full service’ agencies targeting the same people with the same services, differentiation is essential. Our continued collaborative role is to make this happen – across agency language, content and sales messages, and everything in-between.

01. Focus

To survive and thrive, the agency looked to inhabit a more specialised space in the market. Collectively, we chose to capitalise on one of The Foundry’s key strengths; working with global manufacturing organisations heavily reliant on supply chain efficiency, and helping to improve communications across every touchpoint in that process.

To support this clarity of purpose, we re-evaluated sales assets and a website that had become overly tactical, revealing where development was needed. Our conclusion? Underpin and monetise the main offer with the insightful strategy and research work that was being given away for free – over and above design delivery.

02. Align

Next, we organised the agency’s proposition into three clear pillars – Listen, Plan, Deliver – under which each service, including the less tangible but equally important ones such as insight, intuition, strategy and research, could sit. This activity was further supported by the creation of clear, compelling videos to promote products such as digital tools.

Then, we developed two core campaigns. The first involved reorienting Foundry Comms’ core proposition around B2B clients in the automotive, manufacturing and wholesale sectors. The second focused on elevating Brand In Action – their somewhat under-promoted sponsorship activation division – weaving it into the primary B2B offer to exploit a previously untapped yet lucrative market.

03. Grow

As well as managing far-reaching campaigns in terms of content marketing and outbound prospecting, a key part of our ongoing process is to drive audience insight back into the sales cycle; we use what we’ve learnt to continually tweak the overall agency proposition. This process is strengthened by regular client interviews and surveys to measure satisfaction and marketing professionals buying trends.

Having established a consistent pipeline of opportunities and secured numerous high-value accounts, this remains an ongoing, immersive and powerful partnership – one that continues to evolve as we listen, learn and adapt in line with changing market conditions, new findings and internal capability.