Getting to prospects on mobile. Don’t just think about tech


Getting to prospects on mobile. Don’t just think about tech

Most of the prospects you send content to will view it on the move, so creating sales content that works across mobile devices is a given. But this doesn’t mean just tech tweaks like responsive design. To get top results from your sales outreach, sweat the small stuff too.

When it comes to work, people move around freely. Senior prospects might not even turn up to the office unless they’re pulled in to a meeting. Mobile business culture means mobile working
behaviour; when your prospect looks at your content, assume they’re not sitting down.

Try this next time you run an email campaign: read a piece of your own sales collateral on desktop, then on your phone. It just doesn’t feel the same, does it? Take it further. Write copy about something weighty, a case study, a new service or a process. Read it, check it and save it down.

Now put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and take a walk. Open the document you’ve just written and view it on your phone. At best it will need a chop, and it might not work at all.

What’s going on?

Copy that works on desktop doesn’t always work on a smaller screen. People absorb information in time with what’s going on around them, so writing for mobile means writing as if you’re moving with them. Use shorter sentences, shorter words, trim the fat and create content that you know will be easily absorbed.